Live AI surveillance in the most challenging environments

PrimiusX detects what needs to be detected,
reacts to the events that matter, and ignores all distractions – all without endless false alarms.

We provide the very highest detection accuracy possible through our propriety camera calibration process.  

The power of Live AI surveillance
taken to human precision

1. Connect and Detect

Enhance your existing camera infrastructure with ease. PrimiusX protects areas with human accuracy and without false alarms.

At the Edge or in the Cloud

Works with any IP camera

Any Video Management System

Detect with human accuracy

Privacy & GDPR guaranteed

2. Alert messaging

Real-time dashboard and multi-channel notifications.

Easy integration with Control Room software

Alerts to any messaging platform

iOS and Android supported

Local or Cloud messaging

3. Act

Operators have more time to review and prevent genuine threats or dangerous situations. Instant response to real events.

Only act to what matters

Don't miss anything

Instant response to real events


Live AI Surveillance Your Way

We are the only complete AI Video Surveillance solution giving you the choice to monitor video streams in the Cloud or at the Edge in your closed network. 

Both options provide the very highest detection accuracy possible through our propriety Veritas camera calibration process.


Cloud surveillance for clients who are connected to high speed and reliable internet connection.



Edge surveillance is recommended for locations with specific security requirements.

Comes with the WatchTower Surveillance Box – smaller than a router using only 10W of power — Learn More


Powerful Features


Human Precision

AI Video Surveillance, the human way.


Only Real Alarms

PrimiusX alerts only on situations it should recognize and nothing more.

Real-Time Surveillance

AI Surveillance faster than the human eye.


Built-in Alarm Platform

Real-time alarm messages to your favorite messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack or Messenger.

Mask areas of interest

Draw masks to outline areas of disinterest.

Works With Any Camera

No need for expensive camera replacements.

Control Room Integration

Direct or API integration with Control Room software for processing alarms.

Works with any VMS

Easy integration for one-click access from the alarm to the recorded footage.

Infinite Scale

Scale locally or in the cloud.

Privacy / GDPR guaranteed

PrimiusX does not actually analyze people, faces or license plates, so full privacy is respected.

Proprietary Model

All models are pre-trained, fine-tuned and trained in-house. This gives us not only full control of the stack but also the required flexibility.

Our unique Human Intuition AI gives accurate alerts, every time. All powered by our affective neural network pre-trained on over 3 billion data-points.

Read more about our Science

Request a free trial

We are happy to activate one of your cameras on our Protect Plan so you can see PrimiusX in action.

PrimiusX is a product of EMRAYS B.V.

We are on a mission to reinforce positive behavior in the world by making it a safer place for all of us. In achieving that goal we provide the world’s leading AI video surveillance platform.

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