Protecting High Value Inventory

Car dealers have high-value goods all-around their properties that require protection. PrimiusX detects intruders just like a human operator and helps to prevent financial loss.


Car parks are known for many false alarms. Reflective backgrounds, company flags, water on the ground, reflective sunlight and sometimes even animals all caused an overload of alarms. As a results cases might be missed, or simply reacted on too late.

PrimiusX works within the existing camera and video management system infrastructure. After a quick setup, the system works autonomously and detects intruders the human way, and as the operator, the system knows where to look for.
Alarms are sent to mobile phones and the control room. Alarms come with direct links to our video management system so we can see the footage right away to determine the required action.
Proven results

PrimiusX reacts only to the events that matter and improved the existing camera infrastructure – the outdoor areas has 24/7 intruder detection without the sheer amount of false alarms. 

“We were truly amazed at the speed to implement PrimiusX into our existing camera infrastructure – truly plug & play! After taking PrimiusX into use our false alarm rates dropped massively – and so did our costs! We love the fact that we get alarms directly to our phone and can access our video management system. This way we are instantly aware and on top of our inventory.”
John Smith, owner


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PrimiusX is a subsidiary of EMRAYS b.v.

We are on a mission to reinforce positive behavior in the world by making it a safer place for all of us. We help achieving that goal by providing the world’s leading AI video surveillance platform.

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