The Science

We believe that technology can only support humans when they truly understand us.

Over the course of 3 years, we developed our Human Intuition AI that reacts, recommends, and responds just as a human being would.

Today we use our unique combination of Machine Learning and Human-like Intuition to give accurate alerts, for every situation, every time.

The Human Intuition AI is powered by our affective neural network pre-trained on over 3 billion data-points.

Logic + Intuition


Faster than the human eye

Human Intuition AI
The next step in the evolution of video surveillance


Human guards

Accurate, but limited


Detection AI

Object & Motion detection
causing false alarms


Human Intuition AI

Human-like detection at scale

Human Intuition 

Understanding and “perceiving” things in the world in the same way we do as human beings requires a computer to actually understand the context. No small challenge!

Our Human Intuition AI is designed to represent the world in terms of human emotions, so it detects incidents as an emotional anomaly.

The example below is of an exploratory data analysis of road camera video streams. Here we noticed something very interesting: two very significant spikes of ‘Love’.

The question is of course: why the AI would ‘feel’ love whilst observing a road?

We noticed that the two spikes of ‘Love’ always appear before and after the night period which was more than a little strange. We of course started to look into what’s happening on the cameras when the spikes in love appear. To our amazement and delight they occur every time there is a beautiful sunrise or sunset! How very human!


A contextual view to the world
The human brain processes a limited amount of visual information at any given moment

We ignore most of what happens around us, making us perfectly capable to focus on just those things we need to focus on in at a particular moment – while continue to sense our full surroundings.

The Power of Context in Surveillance

For surveillance systems and video analytics to go beyond the endless false alarms, it is necessary to take the leap to understand, perceive, and interpret context just like human beings would.

Below are two cases of initially two very similar-looking (moving) objects – but when we understand the context it is clear that one in fact is an alarm.

Case A

The object or motion view of the world, causing false alarms.

Case B

The contextual view of the world, to understand and perceive for accurate alerts of anomalies.

Plan For Alerts that Matter –
Monitor Your Feeds the Human-way

Our unique Human Intuition AI perceives the world in a human-like way, the combination of Machine Learning and Human-like Intuition gives accurate alerts, every time.

That is why our promise is to detect what needs to be detected, 
react to the events that matter, and ignore all distractions. 

No more endless false alarms.

Logic + Intuition


Faster than the human eye

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We are on a mission to reinforce positive behavior in the world by making it a safer place for all of us. In achieving that goal we provide the world’s leading AI video surveillance platform.

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