Working At Speed of Sight

Power to accuracy.  Say goodbye to false alarms. Created for the highest accuracy in real-time intruder detection, and the widest options to broadcast alerts. All delivered in the size of a router, using only 10W of power consumption and working with every IP camera.

Up to 128‑cores to uncover every intruder

Smaller than a router, only 10W power consumption

Highest accuracy, up to 60 frames per second

Alarms broadcasted to any channel

The WatchTower is a game-changer

Bas de Leeuw
Founder of ENSURA B.V.

The Heart of Surveillance

Easy Three Step Setup


1. Connect

Simply plug the WatchTower to your router and turn it on. 


2. Add Cameras

Insert the IP addresses of the cameras to monitor. 


3. Specify channels

Connect popular messaging platforms and the control room. 

Key Features

False Alarm Free Surveillance

Surveillance at up to 60 frames per second

Quick connect any IP camera

Mask areas if interest

Real-time alarms to messaging platforms and control rooms

Privacy & GDPR guaranteed